PlusHeat Infra Red heaters now available through our branch network

PlusHeat provide a range of designer inspired infra-red heating panels that come as Aluminum heating panels, Glass heating panels and Mirrors or Towel Rails for use in bathrooms. Our infrared heating panels offer unsurpassed heating outputs and are available in multiple colours, sizes and output ranges.

Infrared Heating Technology operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating methods, and offers high output and consistent thermal comfort from designer panels which can be used in both domestic homes and commercial or office environments by easily fitting them into standard suspended ceilings.

Our Infra Red Heating panels are stylishly designed, available in multiple colours and materials and are easy to install anywhere there’s an available power supply!

Infrared Heating Technology is the latest solution to low cost heating for your home or office environments. It’s easy to install, very cost effective and provides instant heat when required. It can be controlled panel by panel, so you only heat the area where you are rather than heating everywhere. The technology works by electromagnetic radiation providing heat in the same manner as the sun, which is ideally suited to your body rather than heating all the air in a room, infrared keeps you warm for a fraction of the running costs.